Gift Ideas for Hikers

Having trouble finding a gift for the hiker friend? Here are some ideas that might go over well.


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5 Great Hiking Trails Around Tucson, Arizona

Beautiful Sightseeing and Heart-Pumping Exercise Make These Five Arizona Trails Well Worth Checking Out.

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10 Questions To Consider When Hiring A Backpacking Tour Company?

10 things to consider if you are looking to hire a company to take you on a backpacking trip

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7 Signs You Are Dehydrated On A Hike

Dehydration can lead to physical and mental impairment. When hiking, particularly in dry and/or elevated areas, exhibiting symptoms of dehydration mean you are already dehydrated.

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How Much Water Should I Carry For Desert Hiking?

Many people underestimate their water needs. This can be a deadly mistake when hiking in the desert. How much water is really enough?

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Trail Courtesy

Are you rude on trail? Some rules about trail courtesy/etiquette.

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